IELTS Essay on Environment with Model Essay & Scoring

An IELTS essay on environment with full essay and essay question submitted to us by our members. This essay is completely analyzed and evaluated. The four elements of task achievement, grammar, lexical resources and coherence are taken into account. IELTS essay question on environment Some scientists warn us that human activities have endangered the environment

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  1. According to Cambridge dictionary the environment is defined as the air, water and land, in or on which people, animals and plants live. We all know the significance of environmental change in our lives. We know that in all eras of the earth history, life of living creatures have been significantly affected by chance in their surroundings environment. We know that many species went to extinct by sudden or gradual changes in their environmental conditions.
    Sometimes these changes cause extinction of one species or even can resulted in most extinction. One great example of this is the extinction of Dinosaurs 66 million years ago by sudden environmental changes resulting from a meteorite impacts on earth. Dinosaurs did not have any role in their extinction but human beings as the most intelligent creature on earth do this by themselves. ((Written by Father))

    It has been around 6 million years that humans have lived on earth. After rising population and urbanization, human kind needed to use the nature to survive, to make papers from wood, to cut the trees to build apartments and fossil fuels caused by factories and automobiles.
    Soon it turns out that the case is getting out of control and humans are overeating the natural supplies. Scientists warned people that if things go on like this, the life on earth will be impossible. Deforestation, air pollution, global waning, etc.
    Most people unfortunately started to ignore the warnings, perhaps because they could not see the changes and danger by their eyes. But as few years passed, they started to feel the heat rises, the pollution and they started to panic.
    Now days still we are dealing with this issues and still many people seem to not care about nature, animals, plants and the posterity; but many people have started to awake and trying to warn the others.
    Not that I want to slogan, but the secret is that all of us, we human kind, start from ourselves and try to do our part to save our planet and also other creatures because Earth is our one and only home. There must be something done and we should try to compensate our past mistakes rather than putting the blame on each other. ((written by Armaghan))

    • Good job!
      From now on, please mention the amount of time you spend on each essay overall. One of the important factors in essay writing is your time limit, which is maximum 40 minutes without any interval to write an essay around 250 words long.

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