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Canon Meaning & Synonyms from 601 Words

Canon meaning and synonyms in real context from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam for advanced learners of English. Learn the meaning of canon and improve your reading and listening comprehension.

/ˈkæn.ən/ (noun)

Canon meaning

a general rule, principle or law by which something is judged, precept, regulation, tenet, doctrine, convention, dogma, criterion, edict

a religious especially church decree or dogma

a list of literary works or writings belonging to a famous author or artist


A good tax system should meet five basic conditions or canons: fairness, adequacy, simplicity, transparency, and administrative ease.

Although opinions about what makes a good tax system will vary, there is general consensus that these five basic conditions should be maximized to the greatest extent possible.

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Parts of speech

Adjective: canonical

Adverb: canonically

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