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Cold Shoulder 1100 Words You Need Week 31 Day 1

Cold Shoulder 1100 Words You Need

Cold Shoulder 1100 Words You Need Week 31 Day 1 with authentic materials and examples, synonyms, antonyms, illustrated flashcards and text-to-speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

to ignore or disregard a person, snub, show cold and unsympathetic treatment, unfriendliness, rebuff, rejection, slap in the face, disrespect

One thing we know is that the brain grows new neutrons over the course of a person’s life and brain health depends on the capacity of the brain to do this well. It’s called neurogenesis and there are many things that can keep this at a healthy rate, and there are many things that will slow it down. When it slows down is when people become vulnerable to ill-health. One of the things that decreases neurogenesis is a cold shoulder you might receive and chronic emotional stress. Angry, stressful or unsafe environments rapidly lower neurogenesis and can make people vulnerable to things like anxiety and depression. I’m not sure if there has been specific research into the relationship between a decline in neurogenesis and migraines, but it’s something to think about if you’ve come from an environment which was quite toxic – it may be one of the mechanisms behind the relationship between emotional abuse and migraines. Things like sugar, high carbs, noise pollution also lower neurogenesis and can compromise brain health. The things that increase neurogenesis and build brain health are meditation, aerobic exercise, turmeric, omega 3 fatty acids, blueberries, green tea (though probably better taken as an extract as you’d need about 15 cups a day to have a significant and the caffeine from this wouldn’t be great). Again, it’s important to remember that while there is a link between emotional abuse and migraines, the exact reason for this isn’t clear. The neurogenesis theory, like so many theories about migraines, is just a theory, but one that makes sense to me.

Source: https://www.heysigmund.com/

Antonym: welcome

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