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Spurn Definition in Context with Images

Spurn definition in context with synonyms and antonyms from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student. Learn the word, spurn, in authentic context with illustrations and improve your reading comprehension.

/spɜːn/ (verb)

Spurn definition

  1. to reject or refuse to accept someone or something with distain, disapprove, repudiate, turn down, reject with contempt, repulse, scorn, snub, rebuff
  2. to thrust something away with your foot because you despise it, push away or strike something with the foot


It’s never fun getting rejected or spurned. In fact, being the rejector is also quite difficult, especially if you’re trying to cushion the blow.

From being honest to mentally preparing yourself, our relationships expert offers seven tips to spurn someone nicely.

Rejecting someone without coming across as a horrible person is not only nerve-wracking — it can also seem almost impossible. Thankfully, there are some easier, more tactful ways of saying goodbye than simply cutting and running (or changing your phone number).

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Parts of speech

Noun: spurner

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