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Daily Routine – Kids Vocabulary for Young Learners

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Daily Routine – Kids Vocabulary for Young Learners with a video podcast, so many examples and explanations for young learners to improve their vocabulary

Wake up

I wake up at 7:00 in the morning.

I stretch when I wake up.

Get up

I get up from bed in the morning.

I make my bed when I get up.

Have breakfast

I have breakfast with my family.

Breakfast is good for my body.

Wash my teeth

I wash my teeth in the bathroom.

My teeth are white and clean.

Wash my face

I wash my face in the bathroom.

My face is clean and neat.

Get dressed

I get dressed for school.

I take my backpack and books.

Go to school

I go to school every day.

I go to school with my friends.

Take classes

I take classes at school.

I look at the blackboard in the class.

Have lunch

I have lunch at the cafeteria.

I have lunch with my friends.

Play with friends

I play with my friends at school.

We play football at school.

Come home

I come home from school.

I come home with my friends.

Do my homework

I do my homework at home.

I read my books at my desk.

Have dinner

I have dinner with my family.

We sit at the dinner table.

Take a shower

I take a shower at night.

I take a shower in the bathroom.

Go to bed

I say good-night to my mom and dad.

I go to bed at night.

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