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Egotist 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 4

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Egotist 1100 Words You Need

Egotist 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 4

/’ē-gə-ˌtist/ (noun)

a proud and arrogant person who thinks he/she is better or more important than others, complacent person, conceited person, selfish person, egomaniac, individualist, narcissist, boaster, show-off, egoist, self-seeker, megalomaniac person

Friends can be the greatest—except when they’re not. Being around an egotistical friend can make you feel like you can walk on water, but they may also come with drawbacks. For instance, they may go on and on about how great they are, make condescending and critical remarks, and offer no real emotional support to you as a friend. You can learn to manage this friendship by setting healthy boundaries for yourself, being empathetic towards the egotist and making sure you are supporting your emotional health.

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Antonyms: humble and modest person

Noun: egotism, ego

Adjective: egotistic, egotistical, egocentric

Adverb: egotistically

Farsi: خودپرست، خودخواه

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