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Definition of Elfin with Synonyms & Images in Real Context

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Definition of Elfin as an English vocabulary on people’s appearance from the book: 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with images and in real context for GRE candidates

/ˈel.fɪn/ (adj)


(of people’s appearance) small and delicate, resembling an elf, elfish, petite, diminutive, elflike, elvish, puckish, dainty, mischievous, tiny, puny, fragile, small and lively


People with delicate and elfin faces usually have the following 3 characteristics: a round face and white and tender skin. See if you are?

The heart of beauty can still be maintained even at the age of 80, but our appearance can’t do that. Many girls will make up for their looks to be more refined. They wear makeup when they go out or in normal situations. After all, in real life only Make-up can meet this demand, and only girls who are born with such a face can show the appearance of full face. To talk about this issue is to talk about how such girls have a natural “delicate face”.

Source of example: https://daydaynews.cc/

Parts of speech

Noun: elf

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