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Microcosm Definition & Meaning in Context

Microcosm definition and meaning in real context from the coursebook 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam for advanced learners of English. Learn microcosm and macrocosm in real context and the relationship between them.

/ˈmaɪ.krəʊˌkɒz.əm/ (noun)

Microcosm definition

a small situation, place, society or system with the components and features very similar to a larger system, small version of something, small-scale version, version in miniature, miniature copy, miniature


The macrocosm is the world as a whole, with a microcosm being one small part or component, often mankind, taken as a model of it. Thus the universe may be regarded as a large living organism. The idea was central to most Greek thought, and especially that of Pythagoras, Plato and subsequent Neoplatonism. In Leibniz the monads are microcosms of the world, since each in itself mirrors the entire universe.

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Parts of speech

Adjective: microcosmic

Adverb: microcosmically

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