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English Negotiation Print Books vs. E-books

About this activity

  1. Remember that a negotiation is NOT a lecture or monologue, and you should take equal turns in the negotiations.
  2. Please note that this activity is like a game, and you should prepare yourself to defend your position even if it is against your own will.
  3. Please make it clear if you genuinely mean that, or you are simply pretending to make this claim.
  4. Depending on the topic being discussed, you can conduct some research to familiarize yourself with the issue and boost the level of your confidence.
  5. To support your claims, you can refer to the sources you have studied in preparation for the negotiations.
  6. You should be well-prepared and quick on the trigger.
  7. You can rehearse your performance with a friend before holding our negotiations.
  8.   of the assigned topic and prepare yourself for the following short activity:
    1. , I would also say…
  9. Explore the growing corpus of our challenging questions in English.

English Negotiators:

Hossein Talaei on Print BooksMohammad on Ebooks
  • Reading a in the library can generate a wave of nostalgia tremendously.
  • Because print books are more tangible, you can retain the information much better in comparison to Ebooks.
  • You need to charge the batteries of your electronic devices frequently to be able to read your Ebooks.
  • Unlike print books, you cannot resell your Ebooks due to . Consequently, the total sales of Ebooks are decreasing.
  • Reading Ebooks might harm your eyesight.
  • Your attention might be distracted while reading an Ebook.
  • Ebooks are easily accessible.
  • You can search for specific words and phrases throughout the entire book faster and more easily.
  • Ebooks are portable and they don’t take up so much physical space. So, you can take your Ebooks with yourself wherever you go and continue reading them.
  • Ebooks are cheaper and more affordable than print books. As a result, you can read more books.
  • Ebooks are because you don’t need to cut down trees to produce them.
  • Reading Ebooks is quite a because it’s like playing a game.


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