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English Vocabulary about Aversion with Flashcards

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English Vocabulary about Aversion with Flashcards

English Vocabulary about Aversion with Flashcards


I felt an instant aversion to his parents.

She has a deep aversion to getting up in the morning.


It’s disgusting that there are no schools or hospitals for these people.

Passengers were kept for hours in a disgusting waiting room.


He found the subject of their conversation very distasteful.


gaudy jewelry

Get rid of

I can’t get rid of this cough.

It’s time we got rid of all these old toys. 

He opened the windows to get rid of the smell.


After the cosmetic surgery, the appearance of his grotesque face was improved tremendously.


I’m loath to spend it all at once.


a noisome stench


There was an ominous silence when I asked whether my contract was going to be renewed.

The engine had been making an ominous sound all the way from London.


a repugnant smell

I find your attitude towards these women quite repugnant.


I think rats and snakes are repulsive.


All I remember of childbirth was the unbearable pain and the relief when it was all over.

The atmosphere at work at the moment is quite unbearable.


an unsavory reputation


She found him loud-mouthed and uncouth.

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  1. She felt a deep aversion to disgusting news of treatment of children at the border and she started her activism to put end to the ongoing ominous silence from her society allowing the tragedy to continue for years.

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