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English Vocabulary about Strength and Weakness

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English Vocabulary about Strength and Weakness

English Vocabulary about Strength and Weakness


He was a feeble, helpless old man.

The little lamp gave only a feeble light.

Opposition to the plan was rather feeble.

On the wane

By the 5th century, the power of the Roman Empire was on the wane.

Rule the roost

In that family it is the grandma who rules the roost.


A heavy lunch makes me sluggish in the afternoon.

Something is wrong with the car – the engine feels a bit sluggish.


Alex always spoke with an air of superiority. 

the intellectual superiority of humans over the animals


Who finally took the throne after the monarch relinquished power?


As a politician, her sympathy was always for the underdog in society.


The point that he was interrupting me again and again was undermining my confidence.


a matter of the utmost importance

The new model of the car offers the utmost in power and performance.


In order to make the company viable, it will unfortunately be necessary to reduce staffing levels.

Solar power is now a viable alternative to oil-fired water heaters.


After his recovery, he resumed his job with renewed vigor.


She likes her men young and virile.

In this role, Durante is able to give full expression to that wonderfully virile voice.


The Minister wished it to be known that he had left the cabinet (out) of his own volition (= it was his decision).

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2 comments on “English Vocabulary about Strength and Weakness”

  1. Every society, even the most democratic one, is viable to entangling with a hidden web of superiority that could undermine social and economic justice for the most feeble people in that society.

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