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The Gnat and the Lion – Best Aesop’s Fables with Video

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The Gnat and the Lion from Aesop’s fables with video, podcast and interactive comment form to learn English vocabulary in real context and enjoy English literature.

Source of story: Gutenberg Project

Video of The Gnat and the Lion

The Gnat and the Lion

A gnat once went up to a lion and said, “I am not in the least afraid of you: I don’t even allow that you are a match for me in strength.

The Gnat and the Bull to learn English with fairy tales at LELB Society with podcast and new vocabulary
The Gnat and the Bull with video and vocabulary practice

What does your strength amount to after all? That you can scratch with your claws and bite with your teeth—just like a woman in a temper—and nothing more.

The Lion and the Three Bulls story from Aesop for English students with video and vocabulary

But I’m stronger than you: if you don’t believe it, let us fight and see.” So saying, the gnat sounded his horn, and darted in and bit the lion on the nose.

قصه شیر و سه گاو برای آموزش زبان فارسی به کودکان به همراه ویدیو و نسخه انگلیسی

When the lion felt the sting, in his haste to crush him he scratched his nose badly, and made it bleed, but failed altogether to hurt the gnat, which buzzed off in triumph, elated by its victory.

the lion and the mouse the lion was sleeping LELB Society

Presently, however, it got entangled in a spider’s web, and was caught and eaten by the spider, thus falling a prey to an insignificant insect after having triumphed over the King of the Beasts.

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