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Nugatory definition in context with images from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student to improve your vocabulary in real or authentic context and practice reading comprehension at the same time. Learn the word, nugatory, with synonyms and antonyms.

/ˈnjuː.gə.tər.i/ (adj)

Nugatory definition

valueless or worthless, trivial, unimportant, useless, empty, insignificant, futile, paltry, inconsequential, trifling, vain

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Nugatory in context

Sell your old clothes

You might be interested in starting an online ecommerce business or your own online store. There are plenty of options available, so consider selling your old clothes to make money online.

There are plenty of stores that would happily list your clothes for a small fee or a nugatory amount of money. Generally, these online programs take a percentage of every sale. Keep this in mind when you are figuring out how to price your clothes.

If you take a look at your closet, there is a good chance that there are clothes in there that you have not worn for more than a year. You may want to pull out all of the clothes in your closet and divide them into different piles.




Parts of speech

Adverb: nugatorily

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