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Peripheral Definition in Context with Images

Peripheral definition in context with images and synonyms from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student. Learn the word, peripheral, in authentic short passages with parts of speech and text-to-speech.

/pəˈrɪf.ər.i/ (adj & noun)

Peripheral definition

Adjective: occurring or existing at the edge of something, on the periphery, outer, at edge, tangential, outlying, marginal, fringe – secondary, minor, unimportant, insignificant, subsidiary, inessential, incidental, superficial

Noun: (technology) an electronic device that is connected to a computer like a scanner or printer, peripheral piece of computer hardware which is not necessary for the computer itself to operate


Peripheral vision refers to part of sight outside of a person’s central field of vision and allows you to see objects to the side without having to move your eyes or head. If you have ever noticed something out of the corner of you eye, it is likely that you were using your peripheral vision to do so.

Source of example:


essential, central, primary

Parts of speech

Noun: periphery

Noun: peripheralization

Noun: peripherality

Verb: peripheralize

Adverb: peripherally

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