English Vocabulary about Success and Failure

English vocabulary about success and failure

about Success and Failure

English Vocabulary about Success and Failure

English Vocabulary about Success and Failure

Accomplish (v)

A utopian society is wishful thinking unless we accomplish our goals.

Achievement (n)

success, feat, attainment

Achievement is the result of learning from our failure.

Attainment (n)

accomplishment, achievement, skill, ability, talent

The sum of small efforts that repeats every day results in the attainment of goals.

Bomb (v)

fail miserably

She lost her nerve when she bombed the exam.

Breakthrough (n)

Advancement, step forward, discovery

Despite all the obstacles, there is always room for making a breakthrough in anything you truly like.

Fall through (v)

be unsuccessful, go wrong, fail

Everything went well in the race, but he fell through at the last minute.

Fulfill (v)

Are people successful if they just fulfill their potential in life?

Get ahead

Be successful, get to the top, climb the ladder

When we’re able to overcome our fears, we can get ahead.

Go under (v)


The company went under after one year because of mediocre performance.

Nail (v)

I hope to nail my dream job in the future.

Nosedive (v)

fail, plummet

Teamwork nosedives without planing.

Pull off (v)

succeed, accomplish

You cannot pull off your issues by blaming your mistakes on others.

Rags-to-riches (adj)

Are you interested in rags-to-riches stories?

Succeed (v)

achieve, prosper, do well

We succeed only by believing ourselves and doing well with consistency to make admirable progress.

Unprecedented success

Success for the first time in history, unparalleled achievement

Successful people take up certain ideas for changes that lead to unprecedented success for them.

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