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Erudite 1100 Words You Need Week 37 Day 4

Erudite 1100 Words You Need Week 37 Day 4

Erudite 1100 Words You Need Week 37 Day 4

/ˈer.ʊ.daɪt/ (adj)

showing or having a lot of specialist knowledge or expertise, very knowledgeable through study, showing great knowledge or learning, learned, scholarly, educated, academic, intellectual, intelligent, bookish, highbrow, cerebral, brainy, well-educated, well-read

Erudite Private School is a collaborative learning ecosystem that uses outstanding teachers, extensive research and innovative tools enhanced by outside classroom activities to offer a personalized and ‘whole child’ learning experience for the next generation.


Antonyms: uneducated, illiterate

Noun: eruditeness

Noun: erudition

Adverb: eruditely

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