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Essay 22 on Talent or Perseverance

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Topic: Which one is more important, talent or perseverance?

Essayist: Hajar

In fact, the importance of intellectual talent for achievement in all professional domains is well recognized, but other individual differences such as perseverance and self-confidence have a significant impact on predicting success. In my opinion, the achievement of difficult goals requires perseverance and determination more than talent.

To begin, perseverance is one of the most important keys to success. Besides, perseverance can alleviate deficiencies in talent and lead to success. To elucidate, there are many inspiring stories of people with minimal skills who have succeeded because of their perseverance. For example, Beethoven, one of the most acclaimed composers of all time, continued to write music even when he went completely deaf. Also, Einstein`s parents and teachers thought he was mentally retarded, but he won a Nobel Prize and became the father of modern physics. Each of these people accomplished great things because they realized that limitation is only in the mind. In short, many successful people are just ordinary people who have determination and perseverance which lead them to success.

Moreover, a highly intelligent person who is sluggish can hardly prosper in life because they do not know how to use their brain in the right direction. Meanwhile, as long as people are determined and move forward step by step, no matter how slowly, they will get to their destination. To illustrate, everybody hears the story of a race between a tortoise and a hare. The moral lesson of the story is that people can be more successful by doing things steadily. Hence, only a patient person with strong determination can achieve their goal by perseverance.

Last but not least, perseverance entails working persistently towards challenges and maintaining interest over years despite failure and adversity. Thereby, everyone can succeed by perseverance albeit deficiencies in talent.

Essayist: Lobat

Some people argue that it is important to pay more attention to talented people than other individuals. However, I generally believe that persistence must be more overestimated.

Firstly, since people have limited capacity for improving their goals during a day on a daily bases/schedule, perseverance help them to improve gradually .Therefore after a short time, when they look back, people can obviously see positive changes from start point. To illustrate Like a turtle which slowly but steadily goes towards its destination, people who are persuasive might be successful In this way.

Secondly, persistent people are more likely to be patient and patient people have a positive attitude toward success. Although talent provides (the)its owners (highly)good benefits, it might cause some problems if talented people are impatient. As a result of (hurry)haste, people might achieve their goals soon. Nonetheless, they may lose them if they are unable to persuasion it for a long time with steady work. As a matter of fact To more precise Genius plus insistence provide a better future for their owners. For example, through studying the biography of highly successful people in different fields like science and business, we can obviously see that perseverance is a decisive factor in their success.

Finally, talent is the ability that some people genetically have , but persistence is the ability which is taught to children and the widespread use of this ability can cover a diversity of individuals ’disabilities. There are several people who are handicapped who can raise the level of their lives by persistence in their goals and abilities with faith. For instance, disabled world competitions (has been held)are held to show the importance of emphasis abilities and improving it steadily.

In conclusion, with regard to the reasons mentioned above, I would argue that perseverance should outweigh in comparison to talent. It might help people to achieve their goals steadily even if it is late.

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