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September 16, 2015

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Traditionally generation gap has been one of the great challenges parents were confronted with their own offspring. These days, it turns out to become more and more complex and sophisticated issue even beyond human beings’ imagination in highly developed countries. Absolutely, a big range age would be diminished if both sides (parents and children as a symbol of old and young generation in order) respected and understood each other, and recognised current changes and adapt themselves to new technology.
Love and respect play a significantly great role in bridging the generation gap. For instance, children having respectful and nice parents, they discourse with their parents easier in comparison with others, when they face an unsolved problem, psychologically. Having an acceptable level of mutual understanding in order to express their pure respect to the young is the marvelous key for every parent. To be more precise, parents’ attention breeds more confidence on their adolescences’ behalf. Thus, this may strengthen the relationship and then decrease the distance in the long term.
Recognising the changes and adopting modern technology, nonetheless, are crucial aspects of modern life. For example, most households are engaged with gadgets and many other highly intelligent machines, which did not even exist within the past twenty years. As this shows, gaining the appropriate knowledge of those apparatuses is so hard for people living in industrial societies because of shortage of time, let alone literate and semi-literate people living in the developing counties. In the mind of the young, it would be sufficient that the tendency of their parents to learn and adjust themselves to new achievements, if they tried at least. The young just do not want to see any resistance or techno phobia in their parent’s eyes.
To conclude, the respectfulness and adjustment of parents are the golden key to minimize the gap. By so doing, it is felt that they can establish good rapport with the aforementioned key in an agreeable atmosphere. 324

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