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An English Essay on Generation Gap

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English essay on generation gap written by LELB Society students

Essay topic on generation gap

No matter what happens, there always exists some degree of generation gap between the new and old generations. Discuss the methods and techniques that could be utilized to minimize this gap.

LELB Society’s Student: Lobat

It is naturally that the new and old generations do not have in common. Although there are some ways to fill the gap between two generations, I personally believe that it is not necessary to cover this distance and may be it is better let them go on their ways.

English presentation on generation gap with reading practice

On the one hand, some people believe that there are some tact help different generations to have better relationships. From their point of view, government can hold regular meetings or festivals about different subjects and encourage people to attend by prizes and inviting famous people. This program raises public awareness about their society and meanwhile different generations, insensibility be close together. In fact programs indirectly boost the quality of communication between different generations.

Reading practice on generation gap with flashcards at LELB Society for IELTS candidates

It is also maintained that from an educational perspective, media and schools must undertake great responsibilities and provide effective educational programs to teach people natural differences between individuals and their attitudes and these applications can help youths to be more kind with the elderly people and conversely, seniors try to be more patient in front of young people.

On the other hand, I believe that difference between generations is not necessity a bad event and maybe we could not change it or if we can do it maybe it is better leave it in that format. To begin with, since people might deeply change mentally and physically in different stages of their longevity, it would be better people accept the differences and respect them because it is a natural changes. I mean that the maturity that old men have, are gained during the times and it is unlikely expect them from youngers. Besides, it is a virtue that old generations think differently from youths. Indeed different perspectives lead to different ideas or inventions.

English presentation about life expectancy and longevity

In conclusion, although trying to repair the gap in relationships between generations has several benefits, I personally believe that it is not necessary and we should accept these differences and see adverse aspects. It might be positive too.

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