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Essay 6 on Using Creativity in Your Career

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Topic: The Role of Creativity in Your Business Life

Essayist: Sam

Reading Practice on creativity with flashcards to practice reading and vocabulary for IELTS & TOEFL

In the twenty first centuries, business life being so sophisticated. Creativity can help people to predominant these days complicated life. Creative people might have really life in which they don’t have huge difficulties in their own occupations. It is widely believed that creative people are blessing for every places that they work, even for every nation or internationally. The importance of creativity in people’s business life is truly high that one cannot be ignored. This will be proven by analysing the significance of creativity in business by innovating some new devices and also creating an unimaginable comfortable life.

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To begin, business life has improved tremendously in a way that are produced some modern devices just by the hands of people having high level of genuine creativity. For instances, in today’s machinery glob, people do not tend to physically ought to creation of artificial intelligence which is so common in almost all machine or devices in their workplace or home. This makes it clear that those appliances or robots are innovated in order to experience less issue during every single moment and doing work in a shorter time with high accuracy and precision. As this shows, creation has a lot of merits on individual life especially for living at ease.

Essayist: Taraneh

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What do you think about the role of creativity in your life? Do you think it’s important for your job? We have enormous kinds of career. Not all of them need creativity, however if you use innovation ideas in your business, no matter what kinds, it makes your work more exciting for you and your clients. For example, you are a house wife and your job is to pay attention to house choirs and take care of the children, if you change the decoration every now and then or make various kinds of meal, it can make your life more dramatic.

My profession is teaching piano to children, teenagers and mature people. I have over 20 students in all ranges and both genders. For each of them I have to use a union way of teaching, because they are different from each other and their abilities are dissimilar. For example, some of them are good in listening but awful in concentrating, or the others are good in techniques but terrible in feelings. I need to be innovative and create different ways of practicing. Help them to build a good relationship with the piano because desire is so important in this major. As a result, I have to mention that developing a way for them in order to love their aim is hard but so sweet.

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