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Exhort 1100 Words You Need Week 29 Day 2

Exhort 1100 Words You Need

Exhort 1100 Words You Need Week 29 Day 2 with synonyms, antonyms and authentic materials for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

/ɪgˈzɔːt/ (verb)

Exhort definition

to try very hard or encourage someone to do something, persuade, cajole, tempt, stimulate, urge, press, push, insist, spur


Just as the labor union organizer, Minoru Tanako, started his announcements, a group of determined young Communists seated in the first row, jumped up, and charged forward. They quickly clambered onto the platform, grabbed the microphone, and hustled American Socialist, Norman M. Thomas, and the other scheduled speakers off the stage. Then, Japanese and North Korean Communist agitators exhorted a crowd of 10,000 to begin a snake-dance parade towards the Imperial Plaza three miles away in the heart of Tokyo. Along the way to the denied area U.S. military and civilians were harassed. Marching rioters screamed “Yankee, go home” and hammered the sides of American cars caught by the human wave engulfing major streets. Then, well-organized teams violently rocked vehicles and methodically smashed out windows and headlights, terrifying those inside.



forbid, discourage, prohibit, thwart, prevent

Parts of speech

Noun: exhortation

Noun: exhorter

Adjective: exhortative

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