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Flay 1100 Words You Need Week 39 Day 3

Flay 1100 Words You Need Week 39 Day 3

Flay 1100 Words You Need Week 39 Day 3

/fleɪ/ (verb)

to criticize someone very strongly, to remove the skin of a person or animal, strip the skin off, whip or beat harshly, repudiate, censure, throw the book at, pillory, castigate, blast, condemn, excoriate, scorch, lash, flog, peel

Anna becomes the group’s latest subject. After a period of being brutally beaten and degraded, she hallucinates a conversation with Lucie and is later told she has progressed further than any other test subject and reached the “final stage.” She is flayed alive and survives the procedure, entering a state that is “euphoric” and likened to achieving transcendence. Mademoiselle arrives eagerly and Anna whispers into her ear.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

Anonym: endorse

Noun: flayer

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