Reply To: Dealing with a Dilemma – Open-ended Story

Farhang Hooshmand

He went home with a heart repleted with desire and sorrow. He knew if he missed this opportunity he might not have a similar chance again. He reached home, checked her mother condition and then wanted to go to his room. Her mother noticed that there was a problem with him asked what’s the matter my child? He said : nothing. She asked again and insisted. At last he explained the story. Her mother face became wet with tear. She told” My son, you tried so hard all past years. There were so many nights you didn’t sleep and study to reach this point. you must continue and achieve your goals. This is also the ultimate objective of me and your father. You shouldn’t miss it. You must go. Don’t bother about me. I could manage my life. He said” Mother , you cannot. You’re sick and need to be rest at your bed and take your medicine. I couldn’t leave you alone. Mother said ” son, I’m not that bad. Don’t worry about me. Even if I die, I will be glad in my grave. Didn’t reach to a conclusion they felt asleep that night.


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