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Dealing with a Dilemma – Open-ended Story

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      Dealing with a Dilemma is an open-ended story initiated by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl to practice storytelling in English in a creative fashion.

      Dealing with a Dilemma

      Jack was a hard working and smart boy, although he was raised in a poor family. His father died when he was only a kid, and his mother had to work so hard to make ends meet. Jack always wanted to be an engineer and have a normal life without financial problem. For this reason, he studied diligently to get a scholarship as he could not afford private universities. Eventually, his arduous studies paid off and he was offered a scholarship covering all the educational expenditures at a prestigious university, which was so far away from his home. Jack was so excited about this opportunity to lead a life he always dreamed of. In the meantime, his old mother had gone sick so badly, and she could not live by herself. Jack was confronted with a dilemma of whether following his dream life or staying with his old and sick mother and looking after her.

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      He thought that his mother worked so hard to raise her only son. she did not married again and she was just thinking about providing a good life for her son. She got out early in the morning to work because she wanted her son to get what he needed and to have nothing less than the other children. She even prepared good food when she got home. She read stories to him at night and play with him whenever she had time. All memories of his childhood and the kind face of his mother occupied his mind so much that he could not decide which way to go.

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        Thank you so much for your participation. Here is my feedback:

        1. she didn’t get married again
        2. and played with him (simple past tense)
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      Armaghan Houshmand

      On the other hand he just could not leave the scholarship thing behind, it was his dream, his goal, his life and many years of his life studying as hard as he could to reach this point. While taking a walk, he thought the world is just spinning around him. What a dilemma! What should he do? What was the right thing? And obviously he could not take his mom with him; they could not afford it. This was not even a choice. After a few minutes he came up with an idea; to go to the collage and take his mom to hospital and visit him on the weekends. He thought it was a fair choice, his mind was calmer now. He said to himself that maybe it is the best thing and he could go to college and take care of his mom. He took a deep breath, on his way it was a recording store. “Let’s go and buy some music records!” Jack said to himself. While he was checking around, he heard a beautiful music playing, he closed his eyes and chuckled until he heard music saying: “Heavens! But how about an ungrateful child, ungrateful child; a heartless child, cruel child…” He suddenly felt dizzy again, he could not bear standing there for one single second. He said to himself. ” Okay, maybe that was just a sign to change my choice. I won’t leave my mother, that’s what I am going to do, when my mom is better, then I will attend to collage, I will wait one more year.” On his way he noticed a book store. He felt that he could buy a new book. He entered and first book he saw was a poetry book, he opened a page and started reading: “How a man can be certain, if he can see tomorrow’s dawn again? What simply can living mean? If it is not meant to chase after your dreams?” That was it. It could not be any better. What on earth was really going on? If it was a sign too, which one should he go after?

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        WOW! That is amazing, Armaghan! You really have a special and creative talent for literature. I’ve no doubt that you’re already into this activity. Your literary style is extraordinary! You write like professional novelists!
        My feedback:

        • visit him –> visit her
        • on weekends / at weekends
        • records store / shop
        • change my choice –> change my mind
        • attend college
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      Farhang Hooshmand

      He went home with a heart repleted with desire and sorrow. He knew if he missed this opportunity he might not have a similar chance again. He reached home, checked her mother condition and then wanted to go to his room. Her mother noticed that there was a problem with him asked what’s the matter my child? He said : nothing. She asked again and insisted. At last he explained the story. Her mother face became wet with tear. She told” My son, you tried so hard all past years. There were so many nights you didn’t sleep and study to reach this point. you must continue and achieve your goals. This is also the ultimate objective of me and your father. You shouldn’t miss it. You must go. Don’t bother about me. I could manage my life. He said” Mother , you cannot. You’re sick and need to be rest at your bed and take your medicine. I couldn’t leave you alone. Mother said ” son, I’m not that bad. Don’t worry about me. Even if I die, I will be glad in my grave. Didn’t reach to a conclusion they felt asleep that night.

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        Thank you for participating in this collaborative activity. I will also take part in it with pleasure.

        My feedback

        • her mother’s face
        • she said, “…”
        • it is also my ultimate objective as well
        • you’re sick and need to rest in bed
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      Jack went to bed that night and dreamed about attending his mother’s funeral ceremony. This nightmare gave him almost a heart attack. When he woke up, he was so happy to see his mother alive and he said to himself that his mother was the most important thing to him in the world.
      The following day, his engineering talent helped him to strive to find a solution to his critical situation. He called the university he was admitted to with a trembling voice. He discussed his issue with the scholarship and admission committee.
      He told them that he couldn’t leave his sick mother alone and start his education. All of a sudden, in the middle of the telephone conversation, he burst into tears inadvertently and asked for their guidance.
      The person in charge told Jack that he would inform him about the decision of the committee in one or two days. Finally, the committee contacted Jack on the telephone and notified him that Jack could bring his mother to the dormitory as well. They said that because Jack was the most prominent candidate for that educational position, the committee could make an exception to accommodate his mother as well.

      When Jack told his mother about this good promising news, he could vividly see the glow of joy and admiration in her eyes. The following day, both Jack and his mother, who was feeling much better now, were busy packing and getting ready for their long happy journey.

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