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Vivid Meaning in Real Context with Images

Vivid meaning in real context with images to practice reading comprehension and enrich your advanced vocabulary at the same time with synonyms, antonyms and parts of speech. Learn the word, vivid, in real context.

/ˈvɪv.ɪd/ (adj)

Vivid meaning

  1. extremely bright in color, gaudy, intense, flamboyant, colorful
  2. (of an image, memory, description, etc.) creating a detailed and clear image in the mind, graphic, lurid, lucid, evocative


The present findings show that even very distant trauma memories can be represented as vivid recollections. Furthermore, the findings suggest that both vividness of trauma memories and event centrality may contribute to explain how posttraumatic stress reactions can remain present over a very long time.

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dull, vague

Parts of speech

Verb: vivify

Adverb: vividly

Noun: vividness

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