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English Question on Dream for Free Discussion

Practice speaking and writing with this challenging question in English on the importance of dreams in life. Write your comments in the comment box below and get ready for an informative discussion in our online classes.

English questions on dreams

  1. Is it better to have dreams that will never come to pass, or to have no dreams at all?
  2. How much better would your life be if the things you dream of doing or having were granted to you?

Reading practice on dreams

What are dreams?

For the majority of us, dreams are an ongoing part of our lives. Some of them we remember, some we don’t. We may consider them to be highly meaningful and feel greatly impacted by them, or we may view them as a collection of the day’s events; an amalgamation of useless images or random neurons firing in the brain.

There are a number of different theories on dreams and their interpretations. Sigmund Freud referred to dreams as being the royal road to the unconscious. He believed they held huge significance to our unconscious thoughts, feelings and desires.


Why are dreams important?

In one study, researchers looking to find a correlation between dreams and well-being found that waking people who are about to enter REM sleep, and thus denying them the opportunity to dream, caused them to experience more tension, depression and anxiety in their waking lives. Some participants deprived of dreaming gained weight, had difficulty concentrating and experienced a lack of coordination.

Some scientists say that dreams are meant to help the mind process emotions, incorporate memories and solve problems. Others think that dreams are helpful to the brain in processing the day’s events and the dreamer’s thoughts.


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2 comments on “English Question on Dream for Free Discussion”

  1. Dear Dr Hariri would you please explain this sentence
    He believed they held huge significance to our unconscious thoughts, feelings and desires.

    • With pleasure!
      It refers to Freud’s idea on the impact of dreams on our unconscious thoughts.
      The word “they” refers to dreams.
      Freud as the father of psychoanalysis believed that to learn more about your subconscious mind, you need to know more about your dreams and also dream interpretation.


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