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Reply To: Groundhog Day Movie Review in Film Criticism Course

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Groundhog Day is a special movie that superficially seems to be comic. Nevertheless, upon more consideration, you can realize that it’s a great movie with moral lessons. The loop of time in which Bill Murray was trapped taught him precious lessons and made him be a changed person gradually. This gradual change in his attitude is at the center of the film.

Groundhog Day has influenced me significantly as I’ve learned to add spice and dynamism to my life and get away from routines. I learned that even immortality could be intolerable, and helping and loving others can open your heart and mind. Loving others is the message we hear from extremely old people who are dealing with death.

Phil voluntarily helped the beggar on the street. He also moved forward from romance to pure love toward Rita, and above all, he mindfully kept distance from egocentrism and vanity and got closer to philanthropy and benevolence.

I also learned that conscious changes are always good. I cannot forget it when Phil, in the end, said, “today is finally tomorrow!”

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