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English Presentation on How to Do Stand-up Comedy

An English presentation on how to do stand-up comedy given by LELB Society’s students to practice speaking and receiving professional feedback. The topic of this English presentation is how to perform well as a stand-up comedian. Join LELB Society’s students and give unlimited English or Farsi presentations with our feedback and support.

English presentation on how to do stand-up comedy

Reading practice on how to do stand-up comedy

The first step in how to do stand-up comedy

Learn Persian with comedy

Standup comedy can be a tough world to break into, but it’s also a fun and potentially rewarding hobby or career. If you’d like to become a standup comic—whether amateur or professional—you’ll need to begin by crafting a short set list: at least 5 minutes of jokes. Work on your delivery, comic timing, and onstage persona. You can start out by performing at weekly open-mics, which generally provide a friendly audience. If you’d like to move up in the comedy world from there, you’ll need to start talking to comedy club managers or bookers and find ways to get on a performance schedule.


Understand your audience

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A stand-up comedian thinks locally not globally when they craft their routine. It’s the same with public speaking. You need to think about your target audience, what you can give them of value, so they can leave feeling they’ve learned something. If you’re injecting humor they need to get the joke, otherwise, it might be met with incomprehension or could offend.


Don’t be afraid of failure

Getting on stage and speaking is often ranked as one of the top five fears people experience, and often ranks above the fear of death. Tied to that is the fear of failure. All in all, stand up comedy can be a pretty terrifying experience.

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For those who have experienced success onstage, it can be exhilarating, and that usually makes up for the possible embarrassment of failure. Having your jokes fall flat in social settings is already humiliating enough — having it happen on stage in front of a crowd, takes it to a whole new level.


Rehearse your jokes & routine

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Rehearsing your jokes as well as your timing is an effective way to help you deliver your jokes a lot more naturally. So many comedians that are new, fail because they do not have enough focus. Committed performers know how to make it their priority to make the audience laugh while earning a decent living. The key to remember is that practice makes perfect. Learn what you can to help you excel in your craft. Focus on how you deliver your jokes to attain success or even failure. However, you should always aim to deliver your performance with a style and voice that is the most intriguing. As you begin to write your own lines, make it a habit to rehearse the final delivery.


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