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Establish Routines in Life English Question

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      Do you generally establish routines in your life? For instance, do you often sleep in the same spot or direction in your bed? Do you take your meals exactly at the same time on a daily basis? Do you normally watch the same TV programs?

      When do you think establishing routines in life can work for us, and when it can work against us?

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      Armaghan Houshmand

      Yes, I have a sleep routine and meal routine. They are not always exactly the same everyday, but it is usually the same.
      When our routine are helpful and healthy, they can help us but if they are damaging obviously they work against us, such as a bad sleep routine or eating.

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        That’s absolutely right. Our daily routine is based on habits. So, if you develop positive habits, you will probably form inspiring and energizing daily routine. On the contrary, negative habits will give rise to impeding daily routine. Accordingly, I believe we should take advantage of the concept of automaticity in habit formation and update our daily routine most of the time.
        I should also add that forming new routine activities is extremely hard and subject to much resistance, which is deeply rooted in the static inertia of any novel habit. We need to constantly and consistently give new habits adequate attention, excitement and repetition to reinforce them.

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      Farhang Hooshmand

      Most of the time I have the same routine in my daily time, not doing everything exactly on the same time but do them with a threshold of an hour. For example I usually have lunch at 13:30 with one hour threshold earlier or later or I usually wake up at 5 a.m. with same threshold. I think to be successful it needs to set a daily routin based on our goal and prioritizing our routines based on it. But in reality sticking to a daily routine which is set on realistic base with consideration of our abilities is at first difficult but if we successfuly do it for several successive weeks we gradually get use to it. Doing the same routin is not necesserily has good result in long-term period. I think we need to reconsider it and replaned it sometimes and based on our new condition revise it.

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        * routin – routine
        * daily time = daily life
        * with same threshold = with the same threshold
        * it needs to = you need to set daily routine
        * get use to it = get used to it
        * Doing the same routine does not necessarily have good results
        * Did you mean replanned

        Overall, this writing style is not acceptable. There are many spelling and grammar mistakes and errors. You need to proofread your writing before hitting the Submit button.

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