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Impede 1100 Words You Need Week 28 Day 2

Impede 1100 Words You Need

Impede 1100 Words You Need Week 28 Day 2 with flashcards and synonyms and authentic materials for IELTS & TOEFL

/ɪmˈpiːd/ (verb)

to block or slow down the rate of success in something, stop, hinder, thwart, stymie, prevent, obstruct, hamper, delay, hold back, inhibit, get in the way of, interfere, constrict

The aim of this study is to investigate the career barriers women experience in the workplace and what obstacles they perceive to exist that inhibits their advancement within organisational structures. More specifically, this study aims to investigate the barriers that impede the career advancement of women in relation to age, race, marital status and job levels.

Source: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/

Antonyms: facilitate, enable, ease, accelerate

Noun: impediment, impeder

Farsi: بازداشتن ، مانع شدن ، ممانعت کردن

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