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Resist 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 9

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Resist 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 9 with synonyms, antonyms and parts of speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS students in authentic context

/rɪˈzɪst/ (verb)

to show opposition to something, object to, defy, oppose, to fight against someone or something, counterattack, repel, combat, refuse to accept, avoid, refrain, endure, abstain from, desist, challenge, forbear

If we’ve learned nothing else from the recent spate of political indiscretions, we know this: resisting temptation can be extremely challenging. None of us is a stranger to temptation, but nothing makes it clearer how powerful craving and desire can be than when you watch a person’s life begin to unravel because he/she gave in.

Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/

Antonyms: surrender, capitulate, accept, succumb

Noun: resistance

Noun: resistor

Noun: resister

Adjective: resistant

Adjective: resistible

Adverb: resistibly

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