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Free English Webinar on Comfort Zone for IELTS

Last updated on February 23, 2021 by in Speaking Practice in English Category with 21 Comments on Free English Webinar on Comfort Zone for IELTS, 44 Views and Reading Time: 4 minutes
Free English Webinar on Comfort Zone Free English Webinar on Comfort Zone What is comfort zone? The comfort zone of a person is referred to a situation where he/she is not at stake and does not confront with possible challenges. Staying and being in the comfort zone is mostly their choice that is chosen intentionally.

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21 comments on “Free English Webinar on Comfort Zone for IELTS”

    • It is undeniable that we can reap many benefits, if we take steps out of comfort zone. For instance, challenging yourself can help you reach your apex. You can’t expect to evolve and reach your zenith if you stick to your routine lifestyle. Also, you can know yourself much better and become aware of your capabilities comprehensively. In fact, taking risks helps you thrive as an individual and teach you about your talents, strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you get more confident. Furthermore, when you put yourself in a challenging and harsh situation and try to do your best, you become more innovative because you have to find resolutions to cope with challenges and as you know “necessity is the mother of invention”. Moreover, when you seek new experiences, learn new skills and open new doors, you become inspired and life would be worth living. Last but not least, stepping out of comfort zone makes us participate in many communities and consequently, we can establish more rapport which leads to a happier lifestyle.

    • Do not you think that it is fantastic to laze out along with your partner and chill out without any stress and anxiety?
      In fact, comfort zone draws people like a magnet and its attraction is identifiable for sure. When people get accustomed to their fixed safety zones, they never enjoy the conditions in which their determination and capabilities are evaluated. In other words, they shrink from any challenging new situations.
      From my view, there is nothing wrong to be pleased about your comfort zone. However, we must be able to push back the boundaries of this area. Let me clarify it by giving an example. One person might panic, if he/she was on an airplane and flied. On the contrary, one gets pleasure from flying at supersonic speeds in a combat aircraft. The point is that people have different comfort zones. You must be worried about being trapped in this area if you cannot enlarge the number of your skills and abilities.

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    • Breaking out of someone’s comfort zone should be done step by step, otherwise it might proceed with less effectiveness as it must do. During this process the level of stress and anxiety should be kept under control. This process starts with putting some of your capabilities at stake or being confronted with new challenges. Soon, you should feel some unwilling changes that are restricted from arising earlier. By doing so the person will discover a new era of his/her personality and capacity where was untouched. First, this journey might seems dreadful, but it brings excitement and adventure along itself.

    • The optimal performance zone is one step away from the comfort zone towards stress and insecurity. So it is met when the balance between capabilities and expectations doesn’t match and the person starts to experience stress and anxiety. In this situation, the person tries to make progress towards balancing them again.
      The imbalance between capabilities and expectations should be kept in the level that the anxiety does not dominate his/her performance, otherwise the stress takes the control over the person and ruins his/her performance, so he/she starts regressing instead of progressing.

    • The condition of a human where he or she has no 3rd party interruptions like stress, discomfort, hurry , so on to execute the action wanted such as working, speaking expressing is being considered as his/her comfort zone.

    • The comfort zone of a person is referred to a situation where he/she is not at stake and does not confront with possible challenges. Staying and being in the comfort zone is mostly their choice that is chosen intentionally.
      The lifestyle in the comfort zone manner is possible when your range of capabilities and skills are within others’ expectation. Therefore, you ought to be happy and confident in this situation. The essential condition of remaining in a comfort zone is the balance between abilities and expectation. Therefore, neither abilities nor expectation could grow and develop in the comfort zone.
      People who are used to live in their comfort zone mostly have conservative attitude. The range of capability and skills include both social and professional ones. Therefore the comfort zone can be categorized into the social and professional life.

      • * It’s more common to say: One’s comfort zone
        * It’s more common to say: … is not confronted with possible challenges (passive voice)
        * … their choice that is made
        * expectation :arrow: expectations
        * people who are used to living

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