English Conversation 48: Free Time

free timeFree Time – IELTS Speaking Practice

Free Time – IELTS Speaking Practice

  • Listen to the podcast of this English conversation.


  1. what do you do in your free time? (Taraneh)
  2. What is the meaning of free time? (Taraneh)
  3. 3- What do successful people do in their spare time? Do they spend it in a different way? (Taraneh)
  4. What might happen if you fail to use your leisure time properly? (Hariri)

    5. Do you plan your spare time, too? Why? (Hariri)



Listening Comprehension:

File Name: Time Management Tips
1. What was Jim’s advice on time management?
2. What is the message behind ‘eating that frog’?
3. When should you eat that frog during the day?
4. If you have 2 frogs to eat, which one should you eat first?
5. Which idea (between the two) do you prefer more, Why?

IELTS Interview

Brainstorm over the following question in 1 minute so that you can answer it completely in 2 minutes.


Is it possible not to have any spare time at all?

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