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Gerrymander Meaning in Context – 601 Words

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Gerrymander meaning in real context with images and text-to-speech from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Learn advanced vocabulary in authentic passages and context with the word gerrymander.

ˈdʒer.iˌmæn.dəʳ/ (verb)

Gerrymander meaning

to strive to get extra votes in an unfair way by illegally changing the borders of an electoral area or district so that more people could vote for a particular political party or candidate


Gerrymandering, in U.S. politics, is the drawing of the boundaries of electoral districts in a way that gives one party an unfair advantage over its rivals. In other words, gerrymandering can be used by office holders of the party in power to either spread voters from the opposing party across districts or to give a competitive edge to their own candidates. Alternatively, voters from the opposing party can be packed into a minority of voting districts to reduce the number of seats the opposing party can control.

Gerrymandering has been condemned because it violates two basic tenets of electoral apportionment—compactness and equality of size of constituencies. The term is derived from the name of Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, whose administration enacted a law in 1812 defining new state senatorial districts.

Source of example: https://www.britannica.com

Parts of speech

Noun: gerrymandering

Noun: gerrymanderer

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