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Goal Setting | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice

Last updated on April 5, 2021 by in Speaking Practice in English Category with 11 Comments on Goal Setting | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice, 48 Views and Reading Time: 17 minutes
Goal Setting | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice Goal Setting | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice Relevant Audio / Video File: Watch or listen to the following video/audio file in conjunction with the topic being discussed and try to answer the questions about it. Questions about the video/audio file: Why should you start from smaller

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11 comments on “Goal Setting | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice”

    • In my view this person is not sure about what the counselor said to him and he is thinking about it. I think he needs more time to reflect on the ideas of the counselor and his needs and conditions. Maybe he became a little confused with the counselor’s assistants.

    • I strongly agree with this.
      We sometimes realize our targets accurately but we need someone’s help who knows almost all aspects and sub-sequences of a decision making. In this regard, a counselor has many valuable experiences with people who miss the right way to achieve their goals or forget and abandon their goals. He also recognize obstacles and helps us to solve them in the best way.
      It’s obvious that a counselor not only help us to save time, but also he is able to evaluate the reality of our goals. Actually, we introduce some goals base our dreams or due to our environments. so, what do you think of these? Will they all come true? Maybe some of them.
      Finally, life is short and we shouldn’t waste time by trial and errors. We need a long-term vision and short-term motivation which avoid us to be adrift. That’s why I think requesting a counselor is a good idea rather than we do that on our own.

  1. Dear Sasan,
    Your voice is still rather weak in the recorded files.
    I suppose you need to increase your input volume on Discord in this way:

    Also you may go to Audio Settings on your computer, and use this feature: Boost Microphone or Microphone booster, in the Recording Tab, or increase the volume of your microphone in the Audio Settings on your PC.

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