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Grovel GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Grovel GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈgrɒv.əl/ (verb)

to behave in a servile manner, fawn, bootlick, cringe, demean yourself, be obsequious, toady, humble yourself, curry favor with, prostrate oneself, flatter, kowtow, kneel – to creep or crawl, to move while your body is close to attached to the ground, crouch, stoop

The term ingratiation refers to behaviors that a person illicitly enacts to make others like him or her or think well of his or her qualities as a person. There are many ways in which people can ingratiate themselves or grovel to others especially in authority. One that is frequently used is to show interest in another person; ask questions, pay attention, and single out the person so that you make him or her feel special.


Antonyms: stand up, alienate

Adjective: groveling

Adverb: grovelingly

Noun: groveler

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