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IELTS Essay on Student’s Competence for Band 4

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IELTS Essay on Student’s Competence

IELTS Essay on Student’s Competence


Some educators maintain that final examinations should be replaced with continuous assessment during the term to assess students’ genuine competence.
To what extent do you concur with this point of view?

Essayist: Can Siriklioglu

On many countries education system, students are going through series of exam peroiod to define their success on what they learn through the classes they attend. while some teachers find it most efficient and practical way to determine the assesment , some other educators claims that assesment through all semester would be the proper way. Personally i hold the notion that latter one is the key for a success of a student.

On one hand, final exemination is being applied mostly all over the world through universities and collagues. Eventhough i dont totally agree with this assesment , it is undeniable that mid term exams and final exams are efficiently measuring the students learnings. Especially 3rd world countries can not fulfil the requirements of the education expenses to invest on new schools and universities. this situation ends up with crowded classes where the final and mid term examination became most feasiable way to assess the students success. And this is obviously advantage for tackle this issue.

On the other hand, assesment through all semestery would help students to understand their devolopment more efficient. The invidiual would feel more likely to focus on their studies equaly whole term instead of the final exam week. it requires more attention of the educators to their students as there will be more things to follow up for each step of lectures to determine the thrive. This system also would allow to reduce the final exam stress from stundets shoulders which would lead them more focus their daily studies.

while i agree personaly with the assesment durint to term,I also understand that it is hard to maintain this system all round every part of education.


  • Analysis:
    • Do not use contractions in your essay.
  • Cohesion and Cohesion (13% of 25%)
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy (7% of 25%)
  • Lexical Resources (14% of 25%)
  • Task Achievement (17% of 25%)
  • Spelling: too many misspellings 
  • Punctuation: too many major issues
  • Word Count: “280” Excellent

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