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IELTS Essay on Time Travel for Band 8.5

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IELTS Essay on Time Travel

IELTS Essay on Time Travel


Given the ability to project yourself into the future but not return, would you do so? If not, would you change your mind if you could take someone along? How far would you go?

I think intuitively, we are all boarding a time machine. We use collective knowledge and social advances of old times to enjoy our lives. However, if you are offered to travel in a machine that goes faster into the future, would you like to board it. I have reasons to both like or dislike the idea. Let me start with why I would like to go through the experience.

We are all driven by our curiosities about different things around us. I would like to see how different things that people in my time have been struggling with changes in the future. In other words, I would like to see our collective dreams in different societies come true. For example, I would like to see people living in a world free of injustice and discrimination.

On the other hand, picturing myself in the future is scary. When I look into the trends of different disasters that we are fostering around the world, the future world seems a dreadful place to live in. It is like watching a horror movie. For example, the way we are affecting the nature and empowering the climate change, the way we are causing the declining diversity of species, and our relentless appetite for industrial and technological advances could bring us to the point of termination. I also feel threatened by the power of artificial mind. I think in a complex societies, people feel less secure. The boundaries of our private life can be threatened and violated by technology too. These are some of issues that hinders me from picturing myself in the future.

All in all, I think traveling into the future could be both joyful and upsetting. It is obvious that I pictured myself in two extreme sides of such a travel. As humans, we are capable of making both good and bad changes. I do believe in the good side of human nature and I hope we shall overcome all the adversities of our time by collective wisdom and action.

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