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Anonymous Definition in Context with Images & Synonyms

Anonymous definition in context with images and synonyms used in real examples from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student for advanced ESL students. Learn the word, anonymous, in authentic examples and improve your reading comprehension as well.

/əˈnɒn.ɪ.məs/ (adj)

Anonymous definition

  1. without any name to reveal identity, unidentified, nameless, unknown, unnamed, unspecified
  2. lacking distinctiveness and individuality, without any distinctive feature, ordinary, everyday, run of the mill

Anonymous in context

Silent Donor™ (established in 2020) is the first and largest anonymous donation platform, allowing for people and companies to easily send anonymous donations to organizations they are passionate about, while enjoying the full protection of their privacy. Our mission is to allow people/companies to privately donate funds wherever they like, without receiving any attention from the receiving organization (stop receiving annoying emails, flyers in the mail, and solicitation calls) or any unwanted attention from the public.

Source of context:


named, distinctive

Parts of speech

Adverb: anonymously

Noun: anonymity

Noun: anonymousness

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