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Iota Definition & Synonyms from 601 Words

Iota definition and synonyms used in real or authentic context from the vocabulary book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam, with expressive images / photos and real examples for advanced English learners.

/aɪˈəʊ.tə/ (noun)

Iota definition

an extremely small amount of something, morsel, bit, ounce, tinge, grain, bagatelle, scrap, speck, particle, atom, jot, scintilla

the 9th letter of Greek alphabet


This is a commonly asked question by clients charged with an offence where a complainant has made an allegation but there is no iota of supporting evidence. This most often occurs in domestic violence cases, but it can occur in any case where a complainant is able to identify the suspect.

There may be no forensic evidence, no camera footage, no witnesses or anything else that supports what the complainant has said. In many circumstances, a supportive complainant (or victim) is all that is required to bring a charge.

A complainant is considered a witness to the offence that has been committed against them. Their account of what they say happened is their ‘evidence’ and it is for a court to decide whether it believes beyond reasonable doubt that the complainant is telling the truth or that the defendant is guilty.

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plenty, lot, plethora

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