Iota Definition & Synonyms from 601 Words

Iota definition and synonyms used in real or authentic context from the vocabulary book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam, with expressive images / photos and real examples for advanced English learners. /aɪˈəʊ.tə/ (noun) Iota definition an extremely small amount of something, morsel, bit, ounce, tinge, grain, bagatelle, scrap, speck, particle, … Read more

Definition of Soupçon in Real Context with Images & Synonyms

Definition of soupçon in visual dictionary and thesaurus and in authentic context and examples with text-to-speech technology to improve your reading and listening comprehension and expand your advanced vocabulary Definition a very small and infinitesimal amount of something, bagatelle, a small quantity, morsel, trace, touch, suggestion, hint, tiny amount, tinge Example How to remove stains … Read more

Scintilla GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Scintilla GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /sɪnˈtɪl.ə/ (noun) Definition a small or tiny amount of something, jot, scrap, iota, spark, tinge, bit, ounce, speck, trace, fragment, atom, drop, particle, grain, touch Example Federal courts had rejected the “slightest doubt” approach, and held that summary judgment could not be denied based on a mere scintilla of opposing evidence as … Read more

Vestige 1100 Words You Need Week 43 Day 4

Vestige 1100 Words You Need Week 43 Day 4 /ˈves.tɪdʒ/ (noun) a trace or remnant of something that existed in the past, trace of something gone, small amount, slightest amount, sign, tinge, indication, hint, suggestion, evidence, mark In its built structure and archaeological vestiges, the Kingdom of Kongo retains the traces of its customary, colonial … Read more

Nuance 1100 Words You Need Week 2 Day 4

Nuance 1100 Words You Need Nuance 1100 Words You Need /ˈnjuː.ɑːns/ US /ˈnuː-/ (noun) a subtle or slight difference in color, meaning, appearance, tone, etc., slight variation, shade, tone, gradation, tinge, distinction, hint, degree, touch, trace, note: It was very difficult to distinguish the nuances in the facial appearance of the twins. Antonym: dividing line … Read more