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Vestige 1100 Words You Need Week 43 Day 4

Vestige 1100 Words You Need Week 43 Day 4

/ˈves.tɪdʒ/ (noun)

a trace or remnant of something that existed in the past, trace of something gone, small amount, slightest amount, sign, tinge, indication, hint, suggestion, evidence, mark

In its built structure and archaeological vestiges, the Kingdom of Kongo retains the traces of its customary, colonial and religious past, of which it is an eminent place of remembrance. The Kingdom of Kongo was at the centre of the most important route for the trade in enslaved persons, who were deported to the Americas and the Caribbean. No material vestige attesting to the slave trade has been found up to now.


Adjective: vestigial

Adverb: vestigially

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