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Juggernaut – Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus in Real Context

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Definition of Juggernaut from 601 Words You Need to Know in real context with images, synonyms and antonyms for GRE candidates. You can also listen to this word and its examples by selecting the text.

/ˈdʒʌg.ə.nɔːt/ (noun)


a powerful and overwhelming force or organization that is unstoppable, crushing force – a very large and massive truck or vehicle, heavy goods vehicle, lorry, trailer


Why Facebook Remains a Digital Marketing Juggernaut

With all of the public and political criticism of Facebook in the news recently, you may wonder whether the social media channel should be in your digital marketing toolbox.

The answer is Yes, especially if you are serious about connecting to a specific audience and share your message. Even as Facebook tries to address its issues with bad actors, its reach and impact are unmatched even by its closest social media competitors. Facts are facts.

Source of example: https://www.cleverdogsmedia.com/

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