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Conversation 45: Loneliness

loneliness – IELTS Speaking Practice

Loneliness – IELTS Speaking Practice

Round Table:

  1. What is the difference between being and being lonely? (Hossein Hariri)
  2. Why do you think people these days are suffering from being lonely, they are ? (Hossein Hariri)
  3. Is isolation always ? What could be worse than this? (Hossein Hariri)
  4. Which one is worse: ‘being alone’ or ‘being lonely’? Why? (Hossein Hariri)
  5. How can you your solitude? (Hossein Hariri)
  6. Do you when you in your life? or you feel loneliness when you are happy too? (Hosna)

Relevant Idioms, Expressions and Quotations:

To : to break your words and leave a person with all the responsibilities

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