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Lumber GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

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Lumber GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈlʌm.bəʳ/ (noun & verb)


Verb: to move awkwardly and slowly, stumble, wobble, trudge, shamble, hulk, plod, lurch, waddle, trundle, stump, chump, galumph, stagger

Noun: timber, logs, wood


Are you lumbering through life? Every mountain I’ve climbed has what I call the trudge phase. My spirit of adventure gets me to the foot of the mountain. My training, preparation, and enthusiasm carries me half way up the mountain. That’s typically the place where I inevitably hit the trudge phase; the point in the climb where I hate it and want to quit. My legs are tired, my back hurts, the fun is gone, and I feel weak. Every step is a physical and metal battle. My mind battles thoughts like, “It’s not worth it. This is more of a challenge then you were prepared for. You could get hurt. Go ahead and quit.” We learn as mountaineers to climb through this phase with what’s called the “rest step”. It’s a slow and steady trudge where we catch our breath with every step.

Source: http://www.surfthewoods.com/


rush, dash, scurry

Parts of speech

Noun: lumberer

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