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Vim GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

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Vim GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/vɪm/ (noun)


power and energy, vitality, force, enthusiasm, panache, spirit, vigor, zest, strength, exuberance, verve, vivacity, gusto, alacrity


The further we get from the boundless energy of childhood, the quicker we seem to run out of steam or vim.

But getting older doesn’t automatically sideline you from being active.

Usually, our energy declines because of normal changes. Both genes and environment lead to alterations in cells that cause aging muscles to lose mass and strength and to become less flexible. As a result, strenuous activities become more tiring.

These cellular changes also limit the heart muscle’s pumping ability, reducing the flow of oxygen-rich blood that provides energy to the cells.

Though no one stays as energetic as they were in childhood, you can delay the decline in energy and stay active as you age. Here are some tips that can help bolster your energy level — at any age:

Source: https://rush.edu/


ennui, lethargy

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