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Élan 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam

Élan 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam in real context with synonyms, antonyms and illustrations and in short authentic passages to improve your reading comprehension for advanced learners of English like GRE & SAT

/eɪˈlæn/ (noun)

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a combination of enthusiasm and vigor which denotes self-confidence, vim, vitality, style, panache, zest, flair, spirit, vivacity, éclat, verve


Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in your abilities, qualities, and judgment. Research suggests that confidence is important to health and psychological well-being. Learn how to be more confident and do things with such élan and some of the benefits of increasing your trust and belief in yourself.

Confidence can refer to a general sense of belief and trust in your own ability to control your life or it might be more situation-specific. For example, you might have high self-confidence in an area of expertise but feel less confident in other areas.

Having a healthy level of self-confidence can help you become more successful in your personal and professional life. Research has found, for example, that people who are more confident tend to achieve more academically.

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