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Obliterate 1100 Words You Need Week 25 Day 2

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Obliterate 1100 Words You Need

Obliterate 1100 Words You Need

/əˈblɪt.ər.eɪt/ (verb)

destroy and erase completely, annihilate, raze, expunge, to remove all the signs of something, make something disappear, wipe out, demolish, eliminate, eradicate, abolish, devastate

If a portion of a document text has been obliterated, either with a correction fluid or tape or by repetitive strokes of a marking pen, there is a possibility that the examiner can decipher the original entry. Cases involving reading through obliteration’s may include obliterated entries into business records or logs, attendance sign in sheets, anonymous communications or to generating investigative leads.

Drexler Document Laboratory, LLC utilized state-of-the-art instrumentation to examine obliberations. The tests are non-destructive and results of illumination reactions are documented. It is noted that this examination can only be performed on the “original” document. In addition, examinations of this type, because of the non-portability of the equipment required, must be conducted in the laboratory.

Source: https://www.drexdoclab.com/

Antonym: create, produce

Noun: obliteration, obliterator

Adjective: obliterative

Farsi: از بين بردن ، ستردن ، محو کردن ، زدودن ، پاک کردن ، معدوم کردن

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