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Pinnacle 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 1

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Pinnacle 1100 Words You Need

Pinnacle 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 1

/ˈpɪn.ə.kļ/ (noun & verb)

the highest point of something, acme, summit, zenith, the top part of a mountain, mountain peak, a small pointed tower on top of a building, pointed ornament on top of a building, crowning achievement, the most successful or brilliant part of a business or system, apex

Nothing can be designated as pinnacle of success. When one sports person blew his own trumpet that he climbed Mount Everest at 1 stretch, I challenged him if he could do the same trick by going the same distance in reverse direction, implying if he could leap/jump and barge into deep sea. I told him that would really be his success. The chap who took the challenge 30 years ago is yet to return from the sea to establish his success.

There are certain areas wherein you talk about success due to limitations of the system itself. If you can draw a circle and you are not able to draw it correctly 360 degrees initially, then the day you achieve it, you can say that you attained the pinnacle of success by drawing the circle, since you cannot draw less or more than 360 degrees and still call it a perfect circle.

Source: https://www.quora.com/

Antonyms: nadir, base

Farsi: اوج ، منتهى درجه ، قله نوک تيز، راس ، برج

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