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Plumb 601 Words You Need to Know

Plumb 601 Words You Need to Know

/plʌm/ (adj, adv, noun & verb)


Verb: to measure the depth of something particularly water – to discover or understand something, fathom, grasp, comprehend – to connect water pipes to each other in a building or device

Noun: weight attached to a pipe to measure its depth, bob, vertical position

Adjective: (of a surface or line) vertical and straight, upright, perpendicular

Adverb: completely, exactly, precisely


You may know about microelectronics and be good at detailed work. You find out that many researchers are anxious to discover and plumb the migration patterns of butterflies so you mount an integrated circuit transmitter on a butterfly and thereby trace the behavior of the free ranging butterfly.

Source: http://www.jsu.edu/



Parts of speech

Noun: plumber

Noun: plumbing

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