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Micrometer Definition in Context – 601 Words

Micrometer definition and synonyms used in real context from the coursebook 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with illustrations and images. Improve your reading and listening comprehension and improve your scientific vocabulary in context.

/maɪˈkrɒm.ɪ.təʳ/ (noun)

Micrometer definition

a device, gauge or instrument that makes accurate measurements or measure very small things or distances


A micrometer is a precision measuring instrument, used to obtain very fine measurements and available in metric and imperial versions. Metric micrometers typically measure in 0.01mm increments and imperial versions in 0.001 inches.

The measurements they provide can be more accurate than those given by other measuring devices such as dial calipers or vernier calipers, but depend very much on the user’s care.

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Parts of speech

Noun: micrometry

Adjective: micrometric

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